AVP Solar’s privacy policy

  • You agree to provide AVP SOLAR with whatever personal information is required for the efficient functioning of AVP SOLAR on your behalf, in particular for the accurate completion of the paperwork for the STC’s incentive (selling the STCs) and network connection to the grid.
  • AVP SOLAR will provide your information to its contractors, employees and installers only as required to effectively perform their duties.
  • AVP SOLAR will provide your information, on your behalf to the relevant bodies for the processing the STC’s incentive (selling the STCs), to the electricity distributor for connecting your PV Solar system to the grid and if required to your electricity retailer.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with you, AVP SOLAR will not provide your personal information to any third parties other than those mentioned above.
  • You must sign all necessary documents on the date of installation for the performance of all party’s obligations under this agreement.
  • AVP SOLAR will not sell your personal information under any circumstances.

Delivery and Installation
AVP SOLAR will make every reasonable effort to install your system in a timely manner. However, we will not be bound to meeting estimated or proposed delivery, installation or system completion dates as we have no control over for example, worldwide materials availability, peaks in demand created by changes in government legislation, inclement weather and/or other forms of force majeure. Delayed installation or grid connection is not a valid reason for claiming a refund or compensation from AVP SOLAR. Please note that no responsibility for the delay in installation is acceptable if customer details (including installation site) are incorrect.

  • Delays in installation are not grounds for cancellation and AVP SOLAR is not liable to you for any perceived loss as a result of these delays.
  • If difficulties with site access are encountered that were not notified to AVP SOLAR at the time of quote and/or offered by AVP SOLAR to the Customer, additional costs incurred in ensuring the safety of our installers may be payable by the Customer.
  • Before the installation can commence, and modifications to your roof take place, you are required to arrange payment with the scheduling department for the balance payment of the system and that the goods remain the property of AVP SOLAR until your payment or finance payment, if applicable, is received.
  • A Home owner must be present during installation to sign the mandatory declaration assigning the STCs to AVP SOLAR, as per the renewable Energy Act (2000). Should the installer arrive on the agreed date and the home owner is not present, a rescheduling fee of $200.00 will apply and the installation will be delayed.
  • If you have any preference regarding panel/Inverter placement, you are required to inform the installer when they arrive on property.
  • If you are not present at the property during the time of installation, you are required to authorize an adult to be present at the property to sign all document and assume complete responsibility.
  • Upon signing the agreement, any requests for modifications to the material/equipment will incur an admin charge of $200. A new quote will be generated for any changes required.

Product Warranties
The system comes with up to 10 year solar panel warranty from AVP SOLAR in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty booklet will be presented to you at installation which outlines that the solar system requires servicing every two years by a licensed solar installer. AVP SOLAR does not provide any kind of warranties on the Monitoring system and batteries which comes with the inverter.

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